paper flowers – part two: how to make coffee filter flowers

This is so easy you aren’t going to believe it! I was so excited that I didn’t take pictures when I cut the filters, so please bear with my terrible drawings I made in paint…

Using the coffee filters you colored in part one, you can cut one of two ways.

1) flatten one coffee filter and cut in a spiral until you reach the middle

2) layer 3 – 4 filters and fold in quarters, then cut per the diagram below

Now – follow the below to make the flower:

1) Roll out a strip of tape sticky side up – you can use painters tape or masking tape. I could only find scotch tape so any will do. If you use the second method, stick the little pieces you cut from the middle in a row. If not, move on to 2.

2) If using the first method, stick the middle thingy on the edge of the tape so that the rest of the coffee filter is trailing to your right. If using the second, start with one cut coffee filter, stick the edge with the ruffles facing upward and the rest of the filter trailing to your right. Now here’s the tricky part – start pleating by sticking parts of the filter to the tape. You’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly, I promise.

3) Continue pleating down the tape until you run out of coffee filter. For method 2, once you run out, just stick the next one on and keep going.

4) Once your done, starting at the beginning, roll the strip to create the flower. I rolled mine somewhat loose to get a looser, more realistic flower. This step is sort of trial-by-error.

5) Ta da!! Coffee filter flower!! You can experiment using more or less coffee filters.

Once I make a bunch of these, I’m going to stick them on a wreath with some leaves for some late-summer front door decor. Feel free to use JDC’s tutorial or Aunt Peaches’ tutorials for more pictures.

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